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August 26, 2016

Set one of THE rules from the Write Your Own Grammarly chart:

  1. an most of the time
  2. a’  /lenite for  b, c, g, m, p
  3. am /lenite for f
  4. an t- for sl, sn, sr, or s + vowel

These rules apply:

  • ONLY for singulars
  • Masculine dative and genitive
  • Feminine nominative and dative

We’ve looked at feminine nouns over the last few days, and looked at what nominative and dative are in Gaelic.

A reminder on Dative in Gaelic:

  • Nouns take dative case after simple prepositions such as air, aig, ann, etc.
  • Feminine, singular nouns usually change their form in dative by adding an before the vowel’s final consonant (unless there’s already an there.)

Today, a few masculine nouns in dative using b, c, g, m, p.

  • balla, a’ bhalla (BAH-la, ah VAHL-ah) wall, the wall
  • bainne, a’ bhainne (BAHN-yuh, ah VAHN-yuh) milk, the milk
  • cudrom, a’ chudrom (KUH-drom, ah chudrom) weight, the weight


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