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TIME to move on

August 29, 2016

I’ll be taking a break from THE…THE rules, THE bad plays on words, all of it!  The only thing drier than grammar is THE grammar!  However, as it’s a really vital part of learning the language (how many sentences can we manage without using THE?), I’ll be including a reminder chart at the bottom of each post for the next several weeks at least, and start adding the other sets of rules.

But now it’s time to move on….

  • uair (OO-ud*) clock time (what time is it?) and also an hour of time
  • Dè an uair a tha e?  (JAY ahn OO-ud* ah ha eh?) What time is it?
  • Dè an uair a tha e a-nis? (JAY ahn OO-ud* ah ha eh ah-NISH?) What time is it now?

*The D sound is included here to account for the sound of the rolled R

Numbers were covered in Counting.  Now to use them to tell time:

  • Tha e uair. (ha ee OO-ud) It is one o’clock.
  • Tha e dà uair. (ha ee dah OO-ud) It is two o’clock.
  • Tha e trì uairean. (ha ee tree OO-din) It is three o’clock.
  • Tha e ceithir uairean.  (ha ee CAY-id OO-din)  It is four o’clock.

Notice that the plural of uair begins with trì, not with dà.  Now would be a good time to review plurals with three or more.  Have fun–bwahahahaha!

And now, the promised (threatened?) review of THE.  Really, this is important.

For singulars, either masculine dative and genitive, or feminine nominative and dative:

  1. an most of the time
  2. a’  /lenite for  b, c, g, m, p
  3. am /lenite for f
  4. an t- for sl, sn, sr, or s + vowel

Here’s a second set of THE rules we’ll talk about later, but at least look them over.


  1. am before b, f, m, p
  2. an t- before any vowel
  3. an before everything else.

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