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Counting the Cost

September 12, 2016
  • Dè na ha… (JAY nah hah…)  How much is…?
  • not (nawt) pound (the currency)
  • Tha e not (Hah eh nawt) It is a pound or…it costs a pound
  • Bha e not (VAH eh nawt) It cost a pound, past tense


A review of THE, remembering these are only two of the (oops, there’s that word again!) four sets of rules governing the many forms of THE:

For singulars, either masculine dative and genitive, or feminine nominative and dative:

  1. an most of the time
  2. a’  /lenite for  b, c, g, m, p
  3. am /lenite for f
  4. an t- for sl, sn, sr, or s + vowel

Examples of  b, m, p

  • banais, a’ bhanais (BAH-nish, ah VAHN-nish) wedding, the wedding
  • mile, a’ mhile (MEE-leh, a VEE-leh) mile, thousand; the mile, the thousand



  1. am before b, f, m, p
  2. an t- before any vowel
  3. an before everything else.
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