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Bon Appetit…in Gaelic

January 18, 2019
  • Ith gu leòir! (EEch goo looor) Eat plenty or Eat much!
  • Ith do shàth! (EEch doh HAH) Eat your fill!
  • Làmh fhada is cead a sìneadh! (LAHV AH da iss KEE id ah SHIN eh) This is apparently an idiom, as the literal translation is something like A long hand (or handle) is permission to lengthen (or stretch out).

Note the word shàth: it is the lenited form of sàth, which means plenty, abundance, fill, enough (of meat or drink), surfeit, satiety, depending which dictionary you look at.

As a side note to the note, it can also mean push, thrust, stick into, stab, pierce.

Pronunciation: leòir is pronounced with a sound made with somewhat of a rounded mouth, to land on a vowel halfway between U in LURE and O in LORE. If you’ve studied German, you know this sound. And never forget the Rs are rolled, so it could also be written as LOOOD, but as you can see from the above, that wouldn’t give quite the right sound…at all.

Another Note (C# this time perhaps?): Tomorrow’s post will take us through the dictionary meanings of the words in the last phrase.

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