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And when someone thanks you?

February 8, 2019

You respond with:

  • ‘S e do bheatha (SHAY doh VAY huh) (informal)
  • ‘Se ur beatha (SHAY uhr BAY huh) (formal or plural)

The sentences technically mean:

  • ‘S e … It is
  • do/ur … your
  • beatha … welcome

Beatha can also mean  life. As in: uisge-beatha, the water of life, by which we mean…whisky. I’m not kidding.

Remember that pesky issue of lenition: Notice that beatha is lenited after do, but not after ur. (Is this anything like after e but….never mind!) When is lenited, the bh makes a sound.

And if you love your morning coffee as much as Gaelic, a fun mug that brings them together:

Do You Speak Gaelic? Mug
Do You Speak Gaelic? Mug
by The Love of Scotland


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