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Back to School! and a prize available

March 30, 2019

Hello to all!

My apologies for the disappearing trick. I have a magician friend who’s been showing me how to make rabbits disappear, but it wasn’t quite like that. My laptop casing broke and a promised 5 day repair and return became ten. It’s back, I have a day off teaching, and that means many posts will be written and scheduled to show up over the coming week or two!

Scroll down for the giveaway of a course book, Teach Yourself Gaelic by Boyd Robertson and Iain Taylor.

Today’s words:

  • an leasan (ahn LIS ahn) the lesson
  • na leasain (nah LES in) the lessons
  • dh’aithris am balach… (YAH rish ahm BAHL uch) the boy recited…. (do students still recite anything in school?)

Here would be a good time to review how to make plurals:

There are many ways to gain entries to win the book. Tweeting and sharing can be done every day to earn more entries. The giveaway is open until April 30. Look for others to follow. Have fun!

GWAD book cover

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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