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Besides am balach and an tidsear…

April 3, 2019

On Diciadain (Wednesday) mommy shows up!

  • Rinn mamaidh an tì. (RINN MAH mee ahn tee) Mommy made the tea.
  • Fhuair am balach an tì.
  • Chunnaic an tidsear an tì.

Check previous lessons if you don’t remember what some of these words mean. Feel free to write the answers in the comments. Are they past or present tense?

Remember that the R is rolled, producing something closer to our English D…but not quite!

Reviewing from a few posts ago:

  • Dh ‘aithris am balach na leasain.
  • Rinn am balach na leasain.
  • Fuair am balach na leasain.

There are many ways to gain entries to win the book. You can do one, some, or all. Tweeting and sharing can be done every day to earn more entries. The giveaway is open until April 30. Look for others to follow. Have fun!

GWAD book cover

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