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More Clothes!

May 11, 2019

Adding a bit to the things he has:

a The word a seems to mean many things in Gaelic. Today, it means his.

  • a bhriogais (uh VRI gish) his trousers
  • a cheap (uh CHep) his cap (as in baseball cap)
  • a chòta (uh CHohta) his coat

Although this word has been presented before, here it is again:

  • air
    • (A-d — or imagine a short a followed by a rolled R which ends up sounding much like a D)
    • Prepositions don’t translate exactly between languages.
    • In this case, air means on him.
  • Chuir e air… (CHoor ee ad) He put on him….
    • or as we would say in English, he put on…

Remember in the above attempts at communicating pronunciation: the underlined CH is a HARD CH, almost a hard H sound, as in the German and Hebrew languages.

Do You Speak Gaelic? Mug
Do You Speak Gaelic? Mug
by The Love of Scotland
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