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Seeing and Hearing…DRAGONS!

September 8, 2019

Over the next few days, I’ll be re-using lots of words, because repetition is the key to learning. And why not dragons?

Remember the CH is an attempt to convey the hard H. The pronunciation could be written HOOLA, with a hard H in the back of the throat. Rs, as always, are rolled.

For phrases given yesterday and the obvious, no answers today.

  • Dè a chuala tu? (JAY a CHoo-luh to?)
  • Chuala mi dràgon (CHoo-luh me DRAH gun)
  • Chuala mi dràgon a’ comhartaich (CHoo-luh me DRAH gun ah KOVE ar tach) I heard a dragon barking. (It could happen! Who knows what dragons do!)
  • Chuala mi dràgon a’ casadaich (CHoo-luh me DRAH gun ah KAHS uh dach) I heard a dragon coughing.
  • Chuala mi dràgon a’ caoineadh (CHoo-luh me DRAH gun uh KAHN ugh) I heard a dragon crying. (I think there’s a great story in there!)

Test yourself on the new words:

  1. a’ comhartaich
  2. a’ casadaich
  3. a’ caoineadh
  4. a’ comhartaich
  5. a’ casadaich
  6. a’ comhartaich
  7. a’ caoineadh
  8. a’ casadaich
  9. a’ caoineadh
  10. a’ casadaich
  11. a’ comhartaich

For today, here’s some listening. Kate Forbes delivers a speech in Gaelic to Parliament.

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