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Seeing and Hearing

September 8, 2019


This mixes and matches phrases and words previously learned. Look for more tomorrow in which ….there be dragons! I promise!

  • Dè a chuala tu? (JAY ah choo-luh) What did you hear?
  • Chuala mi cù (CHoo-luh mee KOO) I heard a dog.
  • Chuala mi cù a’ comhartaich (CHoo-luh mee KOO uh KOR tich) I heard a dog barking.
  • Dè a chunnaic thu? (JAY ah choo-nak oo?) What did you see?
  • Chunnaic mi cù (choo-nak me KOO) I saw a dog.
  • Chunnaic mi cù a’ coiseachd (choo-nak me KOO ah KOH shich) I saw a dog walking.

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Gaelic Family

Gaelic Family

by The Love of Scotland

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