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January 17, 2018
  • an geamhradh (ahn GOW-righ) (the) winter
  • anns a’ gheamhradh (OWNS ah GOW-righ) in the winter
  • an samhradh (ahn SOW-righ) the summer
  • an t-samhradh (ahnt SOW-righ) in summer

Reminder: the OWs above rhyme with COW. The underlined gh is an attempt to show the hard GH that we don’t have in English. You can hear it on the video below.

It’s difficult if not impossible to completely accurately show pronunciation via print and in years of listening to different sources, I find that even those sources are often pronouncing words slightly differently among themselves.


Still more cold

January 15, 2018
  • deigh  ice
  • bodach sneachda snowman
  • tha a’ chlann a’ cluich anns an t-sneachda the children are playing in the snow

Words You May Hear in Minnesota

January 14, 2018

I think I’ve become acclimated when I go out in 15 below zero and find myself saying…

  • Chan eil reothadh ann idir! (Chahn yell roh-ah own [rhymes with clown] EEJ-eer.) It is not freezing at all!
  • Bha e a’ cur sneachda gu cinnteach. (VAH ee ah COO-d SHNECH-da goo KEEN-chohck). It was snowing for sure! [In Minnesota, yeah, that’s usually pretty obvious.]

Some listening for today.


January 14, 2018

Putting together words from previous lessons: was, freezing, last night. Remember the Gaelic words for these?

  • Bha reothadh ann a-raoir. It was freezing last night.
  • Cha do chuir e sneachda an-diugh fhathast. It has not snowed today yet (It has not yet snowed today.)

More phrases with snow

January 12, 2018
  • Chuir e sneachda. (CHoo-d eh SNECH-uh) It snowed.
  • Cha do chuir e sneachda. (CHah do CHoo-d eh SNECH-uh) It didn’t snow.

And using phrases previously learned:

  • Tha e a’ cur an t-sneachda a-nochd. (HAH ee ah coo-d ahnt SNECH-uh uh-NAWCH) It is snowing tonight.
  • Chan eil e a’ cur an t-sneachda a-nochd. (CHan yell ee ah coo-d ahnt SNECH-uh uh-NAWCH) It is not snowing tonight.
  • Tha reothadh ann a-nochd. Translation?

GRAMMAR: For an explanation of the an t- that sometimes comes before sneachda, see the THE chart on Time/Late or other posts about THE.

For some listening today:

Let it Snow Let it Snow

January 11, 2018
  • Tha e a’ cur. (HAH ee uh cuh-d.) It is snowing.
  • Bha e a’ cur. (VAH ee uh cuh-d.) It was snowing.
  • An do chuir e sneachda? (ahn doh choo-d eh snech-duh?) Did it snow?

Do you have a favorite winter sport–watching or participating?

Does it snow much where you live?


January 10, 2018
  • Tha e a’ cur an t-sneachda. (HAH ee uh coor OWN-t shnechda.) It is snowing.

If you remember in some distant lesson, cur means to put. Well, I knew it meant put but I’m assuming it was in a lesson in the past. I haven’t actually gone back to make sure. Lo and behold, it also means to snow.

  • cuir (cuh-d) [the rolled R makes a d sound at the end of the word] put
  • na cuir (nah cuh-d) don’t put
  • Tha e a’ cur. (HAH ee uh cuh-d.) It is snowing.

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