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Welcome to Gaelic Word a Day!

Interest in Scottish Gaelic is on the rise.  As always, it’s a question of time to learn.  Check in at Scottish Gaelic: Word a Day, to learn a little at a time.

I am using sources and pronunciations culled from all over the internet, my own collection of Gaelic courses and dictionaries, and a collection of CD’s in Gaelic.  Disclaimer:  I am a learner myself.  Although I double-and triple-check, and use a wide variety of resources online and off, I may make grammatical errors on occasion.  I do this for fun and motivation in my own learning.

If you’re new to the site, start from the first lesson and work your way through.  Or just click on the latest to keep going.  I am always looking for ways to improve the site and more links to share, so please leave a comment if you have suggestions.

  1. Lesson One: I am
  2. Lesson Two: Tha e, tha i, adjectives
  3. Lesson Three: I want…
  4. Lesson Four: I want with adjectives
  5. Lesson Five: I see…
  6. Lesson Six: I eat…
  7. Lesson Seven: I like…
  8. Lesson Eight: Where are you going?
  9. Lesson Nine: I am going…
  10. Lesson Ten: I am going to the…
  11. Lesson Eleven: I am going to the…with pronoun review
  12. Lesson Twelve: I walk
  13. Lesson Thirteen: Proverb Little Holes, Big Ships
  14. Lesson Fourteen: I drive
  15. Lesson Fifteen: Using WAS to review
  16. Lesson Sixteen: Cat, Dog, Cow, Duck, Bird
  17. Lesson Seventeen: No Title (don’t ask me why)
  18. Lesson Eighteen: I have…
  19. Lesson Nineteen: Can You Say Amalgamated Pronouns (aig)
  20. Lesson Twenty: The Fun Never Ends with Amalgamated Pronouns (aig)
  21. Lesson Twenty-One: Aig with New Vocabulary: Clothing
  22. Lesson Twenty-Two: More Nouns to Go with What You’ve Learned
  23. Lesson Twenty-Three: Going to School Today?
  24. Lesson Twenty-Four: Going to…with lenition
  25. Lesson Twenty-Five: Leniting with F
  26. Lesson Twenty-Six: Dhan: More Lenition with G and M
  27. Lesson Twenty-Seven: Last Post on Dhan + Lenition
  28. Lesson Twenty-Eight: Ann am/ Ann an in a
  29. Lesson Twenty-Nine: More ann am (in a)
  30. Lesson Thirty: Ann am with More Vocabulary
  31. Lesson Thirty-One: Ann am with New Nouns and a New Verb
  32. Lesson Thirty-Two: Last Ann An (in a)
  33. Lesson Thirty-Three: Anns an (in the)
  34. Lesson Thirty-Four: For the Very Tired Among Us…
  35. Lesson Thirty-Five: Old and New Verbs with New Nouns
  36. Lesson Thirty-Six: Leniting F with Anns An
  37. Lesson Thirty-Seven: Because You Can Never Have Too Much Lenition!
  38. Lesson Thirty-Eight: Leniting B, C, G, M, and P with a’
  39. Lesson Thirty-Nine: Are We Tired of Sleeping Yet?
  40. Lesson Forty: Not to be Negative, but Let’s…
  41. Lesson Forty-One: What Don’t You Like?
  42. Lesson Forty-Two: Greetings
  43. Lesson Forty-Three: Greetings 2
  44. Lesson Forty-Four: What is Your Name?
  45. Lesson Forty-Five: What is the Name of…?
  46. Lesson Forty-Six: What is this Called?
  47. Lesson Forty-Seven: Where are You From?
  48. Lesson Forty-Eight: Pleased to Meet You
  49. Lesson Forty-Nine: Continuing with Easy but Useful Phrases
  50. Lesson Fifty: Farewells
  51. Lesson Fifty-One: What are You Doing Today?
  52. Lesson Fifty-Two: Things You Might Be Doing Today
  53. Lesson Fifty-Three: Busy Days for All
  54. Lesson Fifty-Four: Questions, Questions
  55. Lesson Fifty-Five: Vowel Verbs Take AG
  56. Lesson Fifty-Six: Eight Days a Week
  57. Lesson Ffity-Seven: Counting
  58. Lesson Fifty-Eight: How Many?
  59. Lesson Fifty-Nine: The Intricacies of Da
  60. Lesson Sixty: Plurals with Three or More
  61. Lesson Sixty-One: Counting with Two Methods of Plurals
  62. Lesson Sixty-Two:Plurals and More Plurals
  63. Lesson Sixty-Three: Third Method of Creating Plurals
  64. Lesson Sixty-Four: Making Plurals Rule #4
  65. Lesson Sixty-Five:Old MacDonald’s Plurals E I E I O
  66. Lesson Sixty-Six: Multiple Methods of Plurals Lucky 7
  67. Lesson Sixty-Seven: Method 8 for Plurals, -tean for -e
  68. Lesson Sixty-Eight: Always Gotta Be One
  69. Lesson Sixty-Nine: Nouns with Teens (Teens with Nouns?)
  70. Lesson Seventy: The Roaring Twenties
  71. Lesson Seventy-One: Twenties and Beyond
  72. Lesson Seventy-Two: Air Mo Bheulaibh
  73. Lesson Seventy-Three: Got your Goat?
  74. Lesson Seventy-Four: What do You Prefer?
  75. Lesson Seventy-Five: Cò as fheàrr leat?
  76. Lesson Seventy-Six: Cò as fheàrr leat 2
  77. Lesson Seventy-Seven: I prefer
  78. Lesson Seventy-Eight: A Few More Preferences
  79. Lesson Seventy-Nine: He Prefers, She Prefers
  80. Lesson Eighty: What They All Prefer!
  81. Lesson Eighty-One: Talking ‘Bout the Weather
  82. Lesson Eighty-Two: Cold and Windy
  83. Lesson Eighty-Three: Sunny?  Cool!
  84. Lesson Eighty-Four: More of the Weather Report
  85. Lesson Eighty-Five: Wet and Gloomy Yesterday
  86. Lesson Eighty-Six: Weather, You Like it or Not
  87. Lesson Eighty-Seven: A Proverb–Three Things
  88. Lesson Eighty-Eight: Hope!
  89. Lesson Eighty-Nine: Hope for the Present
  90. Lesson Ninety: Negative Hope for the Present?
  91. Lesson Ninety-One: Past Hopes
  92. Lesson Ninety-Two: Hope for the Future
  93. Lesson Ninety-Three: Oran (Song)
  94. Lesson Ninety-Four: The Four Seasons
  95. Lesson Ninety-Five: Beautiful Spring
  96. Lesson Ninety-Six: Physical Characteristics
  97. Lesson Ninety-Seven: Fat or Thin, Clean or Dirty?
  98. Lesson Ninety-Eight: Strong or Weak?
  99. Lesson Ninety-Nine: One…or Many Directions
  100. Lesson ONE HUNDRED: Adding to Directions
  101. Where is Waldo MacWaldo?
  102. More Places He Might Be
  103. Anything, Anyone
8 Comments leave one →
  1. January 13, 2011 8:18 am

    Hey, thanks for stopping by and subscribing to my blog, welcome along!

    This blog is very informative and I have had a look at your work. I have also added you on FB and tagged your books. Good to meet you and good luck!


  2. Jako permalink
    June 18, 2017 7:52 pm

    Is it an option to make it suited for an android telephone. Combined with a head-phone so I can listen while I am working. Not specific learning, but contiues talking and translations betweedn Schots Gàidhlig and English (or Dutch if available).

    • January 5, 2018 3:43 pm

      Hi, Jako, I don’t think I can record things on here. My accent would likely not be one you’d want to learn from as I am not a native Gaelic speaker.

  3. Milyssa nelson permalink
    February 9, 2018 8:22 pm

    I have got to say that i am really enjoying your gaelic word of the day. I am a wife, mother of three, full time online university student and i work full time. I still have enough time to learn this beautiful language. Its all thanks to you taking the time to put this together. My ancestors are scottish, and im a student of history so i really can’t help myself. Lol please keep doing what you do.

    With great heaping amounts of admiration. Lol 🙂
    Milyssa N.

  4. February 12, 2018 7:25 pm

    Many thanks, Milyssa! It’s encouraging to know people are enjoying it! I’m merely a student myself but I find it’s an encouragement to me to keep studying, by posting here.


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