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Learning Gaelic Online

This page is under construction, and not yet organized.  Please be patient, and in the meantime, enjoy the resources as I find time to add them! 13 lessons, The Sounds of Gaelic.  Includes some mp3 files

Rampant Scotland’s collection of links  also at Scottish Radiance:

Phrases for many occasions

Blue Jellyfish’s Scottish Gaelic phrases

Numbers from one to a hundred

1866 Scottish Grammar

List serve: Gaidhlig B years of discussion in Gaelic.  The archives go back to 1996.

Colin Mark’s Tip of the Week

The New Gael  Reading Material

Lessons at TAIC  About 55 lessons here

ReoCities Lesson Two  I have yet to find Lesson One.  Or Three.  But there’s good information here on grammar, lenition, masculine and feminine nouns, and more.

Education Scotland This is a 23 page PDF covering basic phrases, days of the week, months, counting, and more.

Learners of Scottish Gaelic at LiveJournal.  You’ll find (at the time of this writing) 27 journal entries including translations and discussions of grammar.  I first found it via Lily the Hobbit’s questions and answers.

Colloquial Scottish Gaelic a preview of the book by Katherine Spadaro and Katie Graham

My Gaelic Dot Com  In addition to a page of links to learning online, this site has a number of pages on arts, the language, music, organizations, careers, tourism, all kinds of things.  For all the main pages, you have a choice of reading in English, Simple Gaelic (which now and again defines a less common word for you), or Gaelic, making it a great resource for reading in Gaelic.

Articles (as in the/a) all you ever wanted to know about the grammar of articles from Gaelic Grammar Wiki

Webster’s Online Dictionary translates to Scottish Gaelic

Pronunciation and Handy Phrases

An eclectic mix of resources on keyboarding, dictionaries, glossaries, names, other forms of Gaelic.  I found an interesting page on a little known Gaelic scholar, with a bit of reading in Gaelic.

Clan MacNicol has a page full of links (probably some or many to the same places I’m linking here), useful phrases, and a couple of translations of poems.  (Actually, the second translation is not Gaelic Scots, it’s a fragment of The Brus.)



Education Scotland (a Gaelic thesaurus, many synonyms, some antonyms)


Lexilogos This page also has links to other dictionaries, including some from the early 1900s and 1800s

Am Faclair Beag

The School of Gaelic Dictionary This page currently does best for simply browsing through Gaelic words.  However, when the search function works, you can look up words in any of 4 Gaelic dictionaries–two Scottish Gaelic, one Manx, and one Irish

Freelang Translate English to Gaelic or Gaelic to English.



Places to Read Gaelic Online

Places to Practice Your Gaelic

Scotster This link goes directly to a listing of two threads on the Scotster forums: one for beginners with translations allowed, and one for the more advanced, which is Gaelic only, no English allowed.

Fòram na Gàidhlig I have linked directly to the bi-lingual forum, where users are supposed to write everything  bilingually.  More advanced users are great about helping others with corrections to grammar, spelling, usage, and so on.

Places to Listen:

Gaelic Nursery Language Links  This page has 6 children’s books.  You can read the words while your computer reads to you in Gaelic.

An Litir Bheag Here, Roddy MacIean will read a little letter to Scottish learners every Monday.  The nice thing about this site is, he also provides the text and translation.  You can download these to your ipod for listening in the car.  What I especially like about Roddy’s weekly letters is that the content itself is interesting.  He always talks about Scottish culture, legends, myths, famous paintings, famous people, castles, etc.

Litir do luchd-ionnsachaidh This is a longer version of Roddy MacIean’s weekly letter.

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