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How was your meal?

September 11, 2019

Continuing with the question of how was your meal? Yesterday, the dragon’s meal was pretty good. For review:

  • Ciamar a bha do bhiadh?
  • Bha e blasta
  • Bha e fallain
  • Bha e ùr

It might also have been:

  • Bha e fìor-mhath (VAH eh FYOR mah) It was excellent.
  • Bha e fìor-bhlasta (VAH eh FYOR VLAH sta) It was delicious.
  • Bha e air leth. (VAH eh air LAY) It was perfect.

Tomorrow: what if you didn’t like the meal so much?

And if you’d like some Gaelic phrases with your meal–here’s a Gaelic/English mug.

Do You Speak Gaelic? Mug

Do You Speak Gaelic? Mug

by LoveOfScotland

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