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SEEING … dragons

September 9, 2019

Oops, it seems I never quite got around to the SEEING part of Seeing and Hearing Dragons yesterday! Here goes, this time without pronunciation since that has been given previously.

  • Dè a chunnaic thu?
  • Chunnaic mi dràgon
  • Chunnaic mi dragon a’ coiseachd (walking)
  • Chunnaic mi dràgon ag ithe (eating)
  • Chunnaic mi dràgon a’ ruith (running)
  • Chunnaic mi dràgon ag iasgach (fishing)
  • Chunnaic mi dràgon a’ caoineadh (crying)

And what might the dragon possibly be eating? Check back in previous lessons about food and leave some ideas in the comments, just as a refresher in vocabulary. Iasg? Aran? And what would a dragon be drinking?

I want...whisky coffee mug

I want…whisky coffee mug

by TheLoveOfScotland

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