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Is and Was

June 30, 2016
  • Tha an nighean ag ionnsachadh. (ha ahn NEE-in a GYIN-sach-ugh) The girl is learning.
  • Bha an nighean ag ionnsachadh.  The girl was learning.
  • Tha am boireannach a’ dannsa. (ha ahm BORE-uh-nach uh DOWN-sugh) The woman is dancing.
  • Bha am boireannach a’ dannsa.  The woman was dancing.
  • Tha am balach a’ ruith an rathad shalach. (ha ahm BAHL-uch uh ROO-ee ahn RAH-ahd HAHL-ach)  The boy is running on the dirty street.
  • Bha am balach a’  ruith an rathad shalach. The boy was running on the dirty street.

A reminder about adjectives: they follow the noun they describe.  

Hence, ‘dirty street’ is not salach rathad, but rathad shalach.

Note, too, the lenition of salach.

Today on my other blog, a word about why I chose a new template and an excerpt of a scene at the mysterious Monadhliath.


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